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Ever observed your hair turning light, thin and rough at the ends? Yes, you guessed it, that’s what split ends hair looks like. Split-end is considered as the worst enemy of healthy hair, where most of us are afraid to use hair products because of the fear of damaged hair, experts have a completely different opinion. You can not only cure split-ends but also minimize the risk of hair damage with organic and specially crafted hair products. In order to know how to fix split ends, you need to know what causes them first.

What causes split ends?

Split ends or Trichoptilosis, is splitting of hair. It usually begins near the end of the hair hence, the name split ends. Hair is a delicate part of the body. It strengths at the ends starts from the roots. Although traditionally we believed that split ends hair occurs at the ends, researchers and hair experts have found out that splitting can occur anywhere, even in the middle of the hair. The hair turns a little lighter in color and turns outwards giving the impression of burned tips. Most of us have seen and experienced split ends at least once, in our lives, the real question is what causes split ends and how to cut split ends?

Fix your Diet

fix your diet for split ends

If you are getting an adequate amount of protein, your hair will become thicker and longer. According to experts, it’s better to spend on diet than on hair treatments. Nourishing your hair from the inside by providing the necessary mixture of macro and micronutrients allows the hair to grow stronger and resistant to splitting. In addition to this, it helps strengthen the hair at the very base so that when the hair grows out, the ends are thick as well. This prevents the usual splitting.

Avoid Stress

Mental exertion is another important factor. You need to try and stay relaxed. Stress causes the release of endocrine hormones, especially Cortisol which works to divert nutrients to important organs of the body. As the nutrients are channeled away from the hair, the hair goes thin and weak, becoming susceptible to splitting.

Hair treatments

External environment and hair treatments are very important factors. Heat can burn the hair turning it into a hollow straw, it’s important to not only avoid curling iron but also straighteners. If you are thinking avoiding heat from straightening and curling is enough, that’s where you are wrong. The heat from the sun is equally damaging, it’s better to cover your head while going out.

Hair mask

Add two tablespoons of almond oil, two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of yogurt to an egg. Whisk it well and apply it on your scalp and hair. Wash it after half an hour, for better result apply it every week.  These masks work on the external surface of the hair and nourish and protect them. This, in turn, strengthens them and protects from the external environment.

Easy trim

Once damage exceeds the limit cutting is the last resort but the real question is how to cut split ends? It’s important to take your time and examine hair properly. Lace your hair between your fingers in a way that your first and third finger stays at the top and you can only see your hair camouflaging the middle finger. Now cut the ends that pop out with the help of the tips of your scissors. There, you have it, split ends free hair! However, it is important to remember what causes split ends and to avoid those factors in order know how to fix split ends for good.