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Whether you’re ready for fall or not, the long days of summer are over and the colder days of autumn are on the way. A fun thing to expect: get to choose a new fall nail designs.

This article will refer to CND Shellac for the most part as it is the product that I use professionally myself and I am most familiar with. Shellac is a great product that lasts well without chipping or peeling with normal wear and tear. While some describe it as armor for your nails it is important to remember that it is not indestructible! In order to nail polish to last two weeks or more, you need to look after your nails.

Check out the trending nail colors for this fall below:



The CND Shellac Color Masquerade is a beautiful modern pink, not shiny and not boring. It looks amazing with a fake tan and gold jewelry if that’s your thing, although it could be described as timeless and classy but it won’t be mistaken for your grandmothers left over polish!


Tropix CND Shellac Color is a bit complicated, I say because the color of the bottle is not a good indication of the actual color of the polish. The actual color of Tropix is a color orange-pink type of color; you could call it a pink coral.

But by saying that, this is still a great color that is ideal for spring and summer. I am also still to see a skin tone that this color does not suit!

The Dark Horse

This shade also looks a bit different in the bottle as it looks on the nails. Beckoning Begonia is a bright pink with a purple shade that looks a little deeper when painted on the nail. It fits the skin very well and works well as a good alternative to a nude. There is a very fine luster that goes through the pigment, which makes it look very delicate.


The Romantique CND Shellac Color is another pink color, but more subtle than Masquerade. It is a natural-looking color, but it still stands out from the nails that are not painted at all. Romantique also complements almost any color outfit and rarely (if ever) clashes with anything.

The Metallic Red

A very vibrant, deep red with a metallic finish that suits the tones of fair and dark skin equally. It can be worn at any length and looks beautiful like a mani or pedi. TheTartan Punk is a red classic shade with a little edge and flare kudos to the fine shimmer that runs through it.

Midnight Swim

Midnight Swim is a breakthrough polish system that endures a week of fashion perfection … without a base coat! Exposure to daylight ensures patent-pending Pro-Light technology, creating enduring and durable polishing. A dark, sophisticated blue that looks almost black at times, but it really comes to life under bright lights – especially the sun!

You can simply add glitter to make it magical. The best part is that if you get bored with your Shellac nail polish, you can quickly remove it at home. All you have to do is apply some acetone to the nails and clean it. Simple! In addition to this, there are plenty of colors to choose from, so you can never get bored.