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Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most popular fragrances in the market today. It is known for its seductive, feminine scent and has been a favorite among women since its launch in 2014. The fragrance is often described as sweet and spicy, with a mix of floral and coffee notes. In this article, we will review Black Opium YSL in detail and help you decide if it’s worth the hype.

Packaging and Scent

Black Opium YSL comes in a stunning, sleek bottle that is inspired by the brand’s classic Opium fragrance. The bottle is black with glittery pink accents, giving it a rock and roll feel that perfectly matches the scent. The fragrance is described as a mix of coffee, vanilla, white flowers, and patchouli. When you first spray the perfume, you are hit with a burst of coffee and vanilla, which then blends into a warm, floral scent.

Longevity and Sillage

One of the most impressive things about Black Opium YSL is its longevity. The fragrance lasts for hours on the skin, with the coffee and vanilla notes lingering for the most extended period. The sillage, or the scent trail left behind by the perfume, is also impressive. Black Opium YSL has a moderate to heavy sillage, making it a great choice for those who want to leave a lasting impression.

Pros and Cons


  • Seductive and feminine scent that is perfect for evening wear.
  • Long-lasting fragrance with an impressive sillage.
  • Stunning packaging that perfectly matches the scent.
  • Great for all seasons and occasions.
  • Suitable for women of all ages.


  • The fragrance can be overpowering for some people.
  • The coffee and vanilla notes may not be suitable for those who prefer lighter, fresher scents.
  • The fragrance is expensive compared to other perfumes on the market.


One of the best things about Black Opium YSL is its versatility. The fragrance is perfect for all seasons and occasions, making it a great addition to any perfume collection. It is suitable for both daytime and nighttime wear, but it is especially perfect for evening wear. The seductive and feminine scent is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.


Black Opium YSL is definitely on the expensive side compared to other perfumes on the market. However, the quality of the fragrance, the longevity, and the sillage make it worth the investment. The perfume comes in three sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget.


Overall, Black Opium YSL is a stunning fragrance that lives up to the hype. The seductive, feminine scent is perfect for evening wear, and the longevity and sillage are impressive. The packaging is also stunning and perfectly matches the scent. While the fragrance may not be suitable for those who prefer lighter, fresher scents, it is a great choice for women who love a warm, spicy fragrance. The only downside is the price, but if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality perfume, then Black Opium YSL is definitely worth considering.